The I.P.I. Ex Italian Paranormal Investigation Experiment Crew is a not-for-profit organization

Camcorders and Cameras

Our cameras are all equipped with night-shot/night-vision. Additionally they have light and infrared bars, so that we can capture even in complete darkness possible anomalies, that otherwise could not be seen with the naked eye.

For continues monitoring, we also use a surveillance system with 4 IR cameras and corresponding recorders with hard disks, that can record our investigations. We also have in our possession a IR 360° camera and a GoPro, which allow us, to view the chosen environment without being inside the house via smart-phone or tablet.

For the photos we use a compact Canon reflex camera equipped with tripods, different optics, flash and other options useful for the investigation and full spectrum digital camera.

Meter E.M.F. (Electromagnetic fields)

The detectors of electromagnetic fields are fundamental tools for the capture of possible Paranormal phenomena. According to the most accredited theories, ghosts exploit electricity to convert it into electromagnetic energy. This energy allows them to manifest themselves, thus reacting the detectors. Depending on the intensity level of the captured waves, the various LEDs light up or emit sounds. Like any object sensitive to electromagnetic waves, the detectors can be used successfully only if you are fully sure that sources of waves (such as microwave ovens, cell phones, wires not covered, etc.) are not present or otherwise rendered inactive for the time necessary during surveys.

Digital recorder

The E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomena) are the so-called psychophonic voices. According to some theories, the spirits can communicate by modifying the low frequency waves. These entities exploit the electromagnetism of digital recorders, or exploit the residual waves of our voices in order to communicate. Recorders are left on while an investigator asks questions urging the entity to manifest itself.

Thermal imager

The camera is a tool that gives a thermal image of the environment that we analyze. In practice, the color spectrum goes from a blue (cold areas) to a red (warm areas), depending on the temperature it registers a range of shades that indicates the degree of temperature. It is useful because often when we talk about entities we talk about energy and with the camera it will be possible to notice any anomalies that would be invisible to the naked eye.

Photo trap

The camera is a camera with a 180 ° view with a motion sensor, it is not used for continuous recording. In the event that any form of energy is placed in its field of view, it immediately takes pictures and short videos at the same time, when it no longer detects any movement it automatically arises in stand-by mode.

Sound Meter 

The D.B. detector "Decibel", concurrently with a voice recorder, provides, in absolute silence, the possibility to verify a possible interaction. The detector records particular audio interferences that can be monitored in real time through the digital display of the device itself.

Lux Meter 

The Lux detector "Field of light", allows us through its digital display, to verify in real time any changes in our field of vision, which would be impossible to notice with the naked eye.

Sound motion sensor

The sound motion sensor is excellent both to monitor any movements in an empty room and to interact with any entities. just touch it or move close to it to activate it. It will be activated by means of a deafening sound that can be perceived even from long distances, thus signaling a possible anomaly.

Digital thermometer

The digital thermometer allows us to monitor an environment by controlling any sudden changes in temperature, which according to our studies can show a presence of a ghost.


Our complete range of equipment is obviously equipped with: long-range torches, head torches, U.v, portable PCs, hard drives, memory cards of all sizes, transceivers, tripods, etc.

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