The I.P.I. Ex Italian Paranormal Investigation Experiment Crew is a not-for-profit organization

Kinect/SLS camera

Structured light refers to a three-dimensional detection technique typically using laser beams and short focal lenses.

It uses an RGB camera with depth sensor and infrared projector with a monochrome CMOS sensor that sees everything not as a flat image, but as points arranged in a 3D environment.

I.P.I. Trap "Faraday"

Based on the possibility of isolating energy within this box, after some successful tests, we are studying a real method that allows us to retain even for a limited time a possible spirit, equipped with HD camera and environmental recorder on the inside, we will try to make improvements to our experiment.

Tesla coil

We believe that this instrument can "in a certain environment", provide us with the great possibility, that a ghost could feed off of it’s generating energy!  Some complete tests of interaction  have shown us, that the same type of detectors, that indicate a spiritual presence, are literally swept away in the moment of 'ignition of this instrument that already generates in itself an electromagnetic field of enormous proportions.

I.P.I. Radio Communicator

The spirit box, which inspired us, is in our opinion a great, but also confusing tool! We created a radio, that performs the exact same functions, with the fine difference, that it works on short waves, on empty frequencies and is equipped with an equalizer, two powered speakers, an oscilloscope and a built-in voice recorder.

Tavola Oujia

The Ouija board is a small tool used for mediumistic communications, also used in seances. The purpose of this tablet is to interact with the spirits

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I.P.I. Ex - Rome - Italy - italian.paranormal.investigation@live.it

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