The I.P.I. Ex Italian Paranormal Investigation Experiment Crew is a not-for-profit organization

Working methods

Theory on ghosts

L’I.P.I. Ex addresses to every person who contact us with highest respect, from the beginning with the initial interview then with collection of all evidences and beyond end of our research.


We respect every client’s right of privacy.

We tread carefully in our investigations and we are always careful to even the smallest details, planning early the research in order to have an idea of ​​what we might incur. This world is very unpredictable so we  must study alternative plans of research, like in dangerous situations to not be found unawares.

We believe that caution and respect are a fundamental basis in order to reduce any risks.

With our client at first interview we will talk about experiences he or she had and then, according to client's needs, we will plan the investigation.

Investigations will take place during nigh in order to avoid environmental noises of day.

We will ask customer's permission to use camera and digital recorder and other devices.

After all evidences will be collected we proceed to analyze them.

If client agrees to public results of investigation we will do it on other social networks and other channels.

According to our belief, death is only a transition, a new beginning.

Ourselves are made of energy which, according to us, at the moment of death, frees us from our body to give us eternity. This is what we think after years of studies in this area, despite the many questions we ask ourselves. Not all souls remain, if we believe that there is the hell, heaven and purgatory then we already have the solution, but this is just another theory. The fact is that those who remains does it often for a reason, like love, hatred, unresolved situations and so on and our research is based on these souls.

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