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Gianluca Atzori

Simone Preciutti

Cristiano Chiappini


Born in Rome on 18/11/1987, He approaches the paranormal world with his aunt who used Ouija board. Since that moment he started to experience very particular events that, more than ten years later, lead him to the idea of ​​founding I.P.I.

Gianluca takes care of planning the investigations, choosing the most suitable equipment.

Gianluca is a very passionate and professional researcher and he dedicates to his activities with reliability and accuracy.

Moreover, he loves writing and dedicates to several works already present in the publishing industry.

Born in Rome on 11/07/1984, he approaches paranormal world at 15y.o., and he immediately realized that paranormal world belongs to him. His spiritism teacher follows him in spiritual teachings of the Kardec school and other spiritual disciplines. This gives Simone the chance to experiment directly with psychic faculties. Among the various "specializations" he has acquired the use of the Oujia table, witchcraft and various cults and rites of Native Americans, demonology and so on.

Moreover he took part to international TV programs about paranormal as researcher.

Born in Rome on 26/09/1985, He got into the world of mystery and paranormal after some unexplained events happened to him personally.

Those events followed him for several months wherever he went with bad effects on himself.

Cristiano loves photography and technology; in 2016 he met Gianluca during one of the investigations, and it led to a collaboration with the I.P.I.

Cristiano takes care about management of Photo / Video and everything dealing with equipment necessary to the investigation.

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